Affirming The Physics of Free Will

Gravity, as we have come to know it, has been elusive for millennia. Newton was able to identify it and discuss it in terms of a static stage but is took several centuries later for Einstein to put gravity into the equations of math on a grand scale. As he thought gravity through over several years he came to something he called the “cosmological constant”. This eventually came to be something that he thought was one of his greatest blunders. It was a formula that kept spacetime static so that the universe was neither expanding or contracting–it stayed in this cosmic balance. There was a force applied to his equations that was equal to gravity that kept everything in the universe in place. Several years later, Hubble proved through observation that the space of the universe was actually expanding. Einstein’s theory of a cosmological constant was thrown out. What wasn’t realized, at that point in time, was that Einstein was actually onto something. Something was actually pulling against gravity, it was just pulling out more dramatically than expected and space-time was not constant. Astronomers observing exploding stars far off determined that not only was space expanding, it was expanding at an accelerating rate. What was causing this acceleration is theorized by physicists to be dark energy. We can’t see it, but apparently it exists.

All objects are effected by gravity just as they are apparently being effected by dark energy even though we cannot see either. The weight of objects, or its mass, causes everything to be attracted to it. The heavier the mass, the more energy it creates. Objects, even time, become pulled in by the mass. Things slow and stay in proximate location, becoming related in space and time. The moon, sun and earth are celestial bodies of this effect. But so are our bodies and thoughts as I will explain.

What I suspect, is that the energy of all objects becomes more or less fixed as it measures the object it is observing. This sounds strange at first. You might ask how does a particle of sand measure an object or how does to moon measure and observe the earth? Are we not made of the same elements of sand and moon? Our elements are just shuffled differently. Ask yourself, where do your thoughts come from? Where is that spot? Are you sure? This leads me to the conclusion that what the basis of our universe, including all forms of matter, or what we perceive as matter, is in reality some form of consciousness. As that consciousness measures other consciousness it takes a form and becomes reality.

As conscious beings we can make choices. In the simplest form we may choose to listen to a certain voice or idea. We observe a certain object and in essence take time to measure it. As we are measuring those thoughts or ideas we take on the mass of that thought and literally become heavier and more singular. In doing so, we are allowing gravity to pull us in a certain direction so that our consciousness actually takes some type of orbit around that person, idea or object. Indeed, we are not only literally giving awareness, weight and energy to that consciousness, we are creating awareness and mass to our own consciousness as well. We literally gain mass/weight and energy by observing and measuring the thought or idea that is before us. In creating mass, our focus is slowed and orbits in proximity to that mass due to the pull of gravity and dark energy.

So I don’t sound too metaphysical, listen or read from cutting edge quantum physicists such as Brian Greene or Michio Kaku and see if you don’t believe it is possible to arrive at a similar conclusion as I have. If this theory of consciousness is correct, it makes it even more possible that our thoughts and actions become critical in maintaining our free will lest we get pulled in by a thought of greater mass because we took time to observe that thought and gave it weight and energy. Our goal should be to only to observe and give weight to those things in life that truly “matter” to us and for the betterment of our fellow beings, planet and multiverse. Pun intended. Love, create, explore. If someone or something pulls you in a direction that is not what you are about, don’t stop to observe or measure it. Doing so only gives it and you more mass and weight and that mass will pull you off your intended course. Move beyond those cosmic energy roadblocks and become your fullest potential. To do so affirms who you are and that you are a free agent of creation.

PLEASE NOTE: This article will surely make some of you that read it wonder what to do about the nagging problems of the world? Obviously, certain things have to be observed and measured in order for them to be changed–not everything of negative import, now that we are at this stage of human development, can be ignored. I suspect, and will save this question for a later article, that there is a way for certain types of beings, that are skilled and trained in this line of problem solving, to elevate the problem to a new level of consciousness without being pulled down to the lower level of that negative gravitational attraction…string theory.


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